Legal Awareness

Here the NGO was guided by Mir G M Rajpuri a renowned Advocate of the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir (died in the year 2011).He had insight into the fact that legal awareness and guidance shall lesson the burden on the courts and bring order in the society. The NGO recognizes that due to lack of education and awareness about law. people of the state are trapped into litigation with no reprieve in courts where delays and apathy on the part of officials is making people resort to fights and aggression against one another which is affecting the relationship of people as they are drawn into groups fighting against each other which is leading us towards a society where fear and aggression is taking over in place of peace and reconciliation.

Jahan-i-nau is trying to disseminate legal awareness among people by holding legal camps all over the state especially Kashmir Division to make them aware of their rights and the redressal law can provide them at a minimum cost by legally knowledgeable people. Many problems are being solved at the doorsteps in these camps which are very minor especially regarding matrimonial relationship due to which many people are in distress due to lack of awareness about the law.

Law experts shall be associated in these legal camps to guide and educate people with regard to the problems and help them in settling their issues cordially and amicably so that they make their lives easy rather than complicate it. This area shall be developed by introducing Mediation Centers all over the state where people can easily contact on help lines to get their specific problems settled by law knowing experts.