The society started its work in the year 2000 when few intellectuals came together under one roof under the guidance of Ghulam Mohd Mir Rajpuri a Renowned Advocate of Jammu and Kashmir High Court at his residential house Rajpuri House Solina Srinagar .These intellectuals include doctors , Advocates , retired Judges , Bureaucrats , Educationists, etc. It was the time when the prevailing circumstances in the Kashmir division had unhinged all the areas of the society. Every department was defunct including schools, business & hospitals. There was chaos and confusion in every area and the civil society become worried and wanted to address to these difficulties in their own way .They first wanted to identify the areas and then work to provide help in these areas.

The most important areas was located as the youth that was losing its mornings and falling into the hands of unscrupulous elements that were distracting them into areas that was gradually taking away their shine and power that would make the society into a place where there would be no guidance to organizing and utilize the power of the youth that would help in building a society wherein there shall be order instead of chaos and confusion .Thus arose the need for EDUCATION AWARENESS PROGRAMES to be initiated in the system that would help the youth in organising themselves and help them to grow as per their talent and interests , so that they are able to contribute towards the society as well as their own duties.

Many members in the intellectual centre who belonged to the medical profession showed their worry with regard to the physical and mental health of the society that was also impacting the society in a dangerous way as fit mind and body was the foundation on which a society stands. They showed concern about the health status of women and children who were anaemic and the dietary habits which were poor, unhygienic with less nutritional value making people vulnerable to preventable diseases to which the Govt was paying least attention especially in far flung areas of the state. This lead to the concern that HEALTH AWARENESS PROGRAMMES need to be developed were health camps could be initiated were education about hygiene and health could also be initiated to help people understand that many health problems arise in the area due to the habits and living conditions of the people which need to be addressed as soon as possible so that a society of mentally and physically healthy persons who could be made aware of the fact that it was not difficult to develop their health within their means.

Mr G M Rajpuri the founder of the intellectual centre and Patron of Jahan-i-nau who himself was a renewed advocate of the state was well aware of the fact that the legal system has failed to provide any solace to the common man who has to run from pillar to post and get financially drained while getting the relief. He had to spend years in getting relief from courts which would impact his whole life and family members had to suffer while the cases were being conducted in courts .People had also to suffer as they have to attend courts often making them lose time when they had to do earnings for the family for LEGAL AWARENESS PROGRAMMES are to be necessary. These vicious circles were also impacting the society which was creating a society where man was pushed against another man which was destroying the peace of the society where everyone feels that he has been harmed which made him resort to restore to anger and as he feels humiliated by the system. Thus the society was becoming a dangerous place to live in, where every person in the hope of getting redressed was losing on his life and being shunted from one discomfort to another discomfort leading to dis-functional families and distressed human beings. This led the forum to think that legal awareness among people is necessary as they should understand the legal status of their problems where there would be no chance of exploitation by anyone and people shall go to courts only when necessary as mediation centres shall be made where common man shall be provided legal guidance by legal experts.

The environmental degradation was another area of worry where Govt had failed as the water resources were getting polluted day by day and the state where streams and springs could be found after every kilometre away was being turned into a jungle of concrete with nobody to tell people about the importance of these natural resources. The jungles of deodar and kail were vanishing as the labourers had themselves become looters and were selling the wealth of their state in black markets for a pittance for personal gains .The ignorance of waste management was clear as every street bazaar village was filled with filth and waste from hours of people who had no idea about how to use it as manure for vegetables fruit trees flowers etc. The education about the protection of natural resources waste management, hygiene and sanitation was needed to be introduced in the curriculum of students and awareness programmes introduced so that people could themselves take care of their environment.

The women folk due to their ignorance and lack of exposure about their rights were an exploited lot who were not aware about how to tackle their problems once they lose their husbands, sons, fathers in the prevailing circumstances. The migration of rural educated to the cities and towns also disturbed the ecology by concentration of many people at one place.

Marital discord has become a big issue in the society where women and children both are being harassed, humiliated and harmed by their own people /relatives as they have ignorance about their legal right As more and more women were working in public and private concerns many times they find that they are being harassed by their superiors colleagues, clients etc. Therefore in this area lot of work had to be done to empower women by making them aware of their legal rights so that they could protect themselves.

The intellectual form would also talk about the difficulties faced by common people in getting their work done in the offices where the babus would address to their problems at their own leisure. Thus awareness about the RTI was important so that people could get to know how and why their work gets delayed by these babus , who are drawing hefty salaries /perks for doing their work.

There were other grey areas acknowledge by them in the society that were related to children like CHILD LABOUR / DRUG ADDICTION/ PRISON SYSTEM / JUVENILE SYSTEM / SKILL DEVELOPMENT ,etc.

There were problems associated with Migrants who had left their home and health behind and were living outside their house land suffering in many ways especially the identity crises they were facing as Kashmir’s by living away from Kashmir. Their children can no longer identify with the world their parents were groomed in as the heritage of their culture has been lost which is permanent damage to their physe. There are other areas also that were needed to be identified gradually and dealt with as the organisation Jahan-i-nau grows and develops with time and make a difference in the lives of people suffering for no fault of theirs.

Dr.  Sheikh Jalaluddin a great human being and a great humanitarian. He was an eminent cardiologist with International accolades who was absolutely in love with his motherland Kashmir and its people; he tried to alleviate the misery of the citizens of Kashmir who were unable to access important facilities such as basic medical care. He believed it to be a basic human right and as such, he tried to bring HEALTH AWARENESS and modern medicine to the citizens of the state, especially in the areas which had no access to hospitals and pharmacies. In spite of his busy schedule , Dr. Sheikh Jalaluddin single handily , without any help from outside sources would go too far flung areas of Kashmir every weekends and any other free time that was available to him and provide people with free consultation , free medicines and often free food, up to the extent he could personally afford. He believed that good health goes with good nutrition. If a patient was too ill or required further medical help, the patient was referred to one of the valley`s main government hospitals for further treatment. He did such ground- breaking humanitarian work Dr. Sheikh Jalaluddin clearly showed that it requires just one man with an honest motivation and desire to help, to bring forth so much relief to so many people and we take lesson from that.

Dr. Sheikh Jalaluddin was a highly educated, yet a self-less , hard working and humble humanitarian who tried all his life to bring comfort to the citizens of Kashmir by taking care of their health ; his strong motivation , the strength and goodness of character is a strong guiding force for our organisation. As such, we dedicate all our efforts to this great personality, a saint in his own right, Dr. Sheikh Jalaluddin and hope that just like him; we shall work tirelessly to bring guidance care and relief to the many citizens of Kashmir who need it so desperately.

Let us come together and once again create our state a paradise on this earth and get it rid of all the ailments it is suffering which have not been dealt with due to the prevailing circumstances in the state. Let us bring a new tomorrow for our children that are beautiful and healthy.