Health Awareness

This NGO had been working under the dynamic leadership of Professor Sheikh Jalaluddin Ex-Professor and Head Cardiology SKIMS, Ex-Dean/ Director SKIMS, Ex-Vice President DNB Delhi an eminent cardiologist and philanthropist who spend all his life seeing patients without any consideration and donated medicines and money wherever needed. (Lately Dr Sheikh Jalaluddin was attacked and killed by the unidentified gunmen while seeing patients at his ancestral house at Pampore).

This NGO has been conducting free Medical Camps especially in the Kashmir division in far flung areas dealing with area specific diseases which are causing difficulties to the people of that area who have little awareness about how to deal and tackle with these preventable diseases which mostly result due to the living habits or circumstances of that particular area. Providing Medical help through these camps by doctors and specialists providing awareness about prevention and control of these diseases through Health Educators is the target of this NGO. This NGO is also trying to involve schools and colleges of that particular area to develop awareness and understanding about these problems and also provides free Medicine to the people of the area regarding these ailments causing distress to them since long.

In future this NGO shall raise funds for developing polyclinics in all these places with basic health care facilities that shall be having one doctor / one nurse /one technician /one attendant and one ambulance to cater to the needs of that area. A Research Assistant shall also be associated with the polyclinic to collect the data of the patients so that the area specific diseases could be located so that prevention and control of such diseases could be undertaken by them in a planned way by locally trained people of that area so thatpeople of that area do not have to go to hospitals miles away from their home for minor health problems.

“LET’S PLAY” shall also be a part of the health awareness programme where children of the area shall be introduced to the world of sports so that they learn to keep their body and mind healthy and fit.