Educational Awareness

This part is being supervised by Masooda Jabeen an educationist, who has served in the area of education for the last 40 years. The valley of Kashmir has been facing difficult times from the last 20 years wherein the day to day lives of people have got effected leading to a situation where in the youth of the state have got caught up into a situation wherein they find themselves ill-equipped to face the modern times as every field had moved on at a very fast pace. The education and training courses in the state have got most of the bashing during these years as they have not able to equip them to face the requirements of the present times. This situation has made most of the youth ill equipped for the job market available inside and outside the state .This happened also due to the fact that there was no career guidance and the prevailing circumstances in the valley made parents to send their children to Institution outside the state more for safety and less for education. In this milieu nobody bothered where his/her child was going whether he/she had the required talent in that particular field of study and by the end of the day most of the children found themselves in a mess finding themselves in places they never wanted to be.

Thus this NGO is providing information to youth about the schools / colleges / universities / scholarships available within as well as outside the country for them to choose so that they grow and harness their talent along with other boys and girls of the country and develop and grow with modern demands and requirements.

We are also providing career counselling and job counselling as per the education, interest and talent of the students so that they grow and develop as per their talent and become useful members of the society instead of being a burden to the society.

This area shall be helped by holding course / career /Job counselling in schools and in colleges all over the state by organizing book fairs and course /career / Job exhibitions by inviting expert people from universities /colleges /schools from all over the country to give guidance to the youth of the state.

Course /Career /Job fests shall also be organized in all districts of the state where educationists /Counsellors from all over the country shall be called to provide information about the universities / colleges / schools courses available. They shall also be guided about the scholarships available and the fees and living cost they shall have bear so that students are not duped as has been done in the past.

Corporate/private sector shall also be contacted to provide information about the jobs available as per the education and training and interest of the candidate and opportunities for personality development and training as per job requirement shall also be provided so that they are able to full-fill the modern requirements in the job markets.