Annual Report 2013-14


  1. Health awareness camps were held in various schools/colleges/villages/towns like Govt Higher Secondary school D K Marag Kulgam, Hanfia Institute Arreh, etc , Towns like Pampore, etc, Villages like Kachowhalan, etc in which young children were given basic awareness about health, hygiene and prevention.
  2. Free Medical Camps were also held in these above places/districts/ in which free clinics were especially held in Endocrinology, Cardiology, Oncology and specialists in these areas were called to see such patients.
  3. Free medicine was distributed to the poor and needy by reputed companies like Ranbaxy, Aristo, Aprica, Le care Remedies, Micro, Alder, Cipla, Sun, Abbot, etc during these camps.
  4. Free diagnostics were also done in these camps for speedy diagnosis of patients.
  5. Camps are held regularly so that the patients are not left to fend for themselves once the camps are over and the specialists provide free medical care to these patients seen in the camp in their private clinics and hospitals.
  6. We have also participated in the International Osteoporosis Day (ISBMR) 2013 held in the auditorium of Sheri Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences Soura Srinagar organised by the department of Endocrinology SKIMS along with patients to provide them awareness about the disease.
  7. To encourage talent in the area of Medicine our NGO namely Jahan i Nau participated in the 18th PGR programme being organised in 3rd April 2014 at SKIMS Auditorium in which our NGO Jahan i nau presented three cheques each for Rs 10000(ten thousand) 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the 18th PGR programme in memory of Dr S Jalal cardiologist at SKIMS Soura.


  1. We have given education awareness in various schools like IHI Kulgam, Govt Higher Secondary School Budgam in which students of 10+2 children were provided awareness about the courses available within and outside the state and the profession they could therein take on completion of such courses.
  2. We also provide detailed information regarding schools/ colleges / universities available within the country so that children can contact and get knowledge about the available facilities therein and choose courses of their choice in these educational institutions.
  3. Free Help Lines were established for children to contact in case they needed help in these areas.
  4. Free training was also given at Rawalpora Yayil about organic farming by our guest working in Beacon as PRO who is expert in organic farming.
  5. Counselling camps where held for school children in schools to let children know about their interests and talent and how they could tap their talent and grow in respective areas.


  1. Legal Awareness Camps were held in various villages of Kashmir division. In Kulgam District Free Legal Awareness Camps were held in different villages like Odura, Kachowhalan, Bumbrath, etc were given free knowledge about RTI, FIR, and on other points which were fully discussed.
  2. Free Camps on Women Empowerment held at Chowalgam, Okey, Hadigam, Mohipora etc in district Kulgam,Where women were especially informed about their rights and duties and informed about the help state and law could provide them to resolve their difficulties. Help to resolve dowry problems and matrimonial discord was also provided.


We provided knowledge about mediation, how parties if willing can avoid litigations if they want to end the litigation and get redressed by contacting our office located in various districts and we act as mediators if they want to.

Many couples on the verge of divorce were provided full information about the demerits of the divorce .We acted as mediators giving them full knowledge and latter on many mutually agreed to cooperate within one another and now they are enjoying their matrimonial relationship and living happy married life.

The parties coming to our offices are given counselling about their repercussions they and their children shall face due to discord in the family. Many of them realized and understood and now they are living together as husband and wife happily with their children.